Moonage Daydream

Originally Dreamed & Recorded 3.5.15

When I opened my eyes, I had been dreaming that I was in a tiny stable sitting still and quietly in the shade of its shelter. There were baby animals by my side. The sky was never-ending gradients of pale blue and was cloudless. We were perched on one softly rounded peak of many rolling hills; the grass pulsed and swayed with the breeze & dew glistened, winking and twinkling like stars.
From Nowhere a deep and haunting chanting resonated through the air and cloaked everything in an invisible layer of honey colored warmth. It shook my heart. I rose up with a sense of urgency and ran toward the source of the emanating sound. Running down the hill I realized I was taller than the tallest hill on the furthest mount, and with each step I was traversing distances longer than my thoughts. I became aware that I had lost where I was headed, and that I had headed where I was lost. I stopped on the outskirts of a small village whose main street had been transformed into a river of its inhabitants. There was a parade; I couldn’t tell if it was coming or going.
When I went out to get breakfast there was a van blocking the driveway that said “cobra locks” or “cobra locksmiths” and was wrapped in the image of 8 or 9 large keys. I had just finished watching the entire Transformers Prime series, and was obsessing over the idea of “The Omega Lock” and its 4 relic keys which had tipped the odds in our favor / helped Optimus Prime, BumbleeBee, and the AutoBots win the war for Earth against the suuuuuupppper lame Decepticons. Snakes and snake holes. Noted.
When I returned home and sat down to eat, I noticed the sound of an animal’s claws clamouring frantically inside my chimney. When I went over to investigate I realized that the sound was coming from right on the other side of the bricks… My vent was closed. I shoved the vent handle as hard as I could and withdrew my hand as fast as possible just as a Black Bird (either by nature or by soot) dropped down into my fireplace, flustered and fluttering ashes in my direction. I sat still and stared as it shook off its dust.
We exchanged twinkles.

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