The 5th Element is DADADADadadada…

I usually like my SynchroMisty moments of the day to be quick and dirty, but the unveiling of this clue requires too many pictures to be isolated to one little instagram.

Today’s headspace: Post Always Record Ep. #93 in which we discuss Quintessence as a type of 5th element, consciousness as metaphorical river, Transformers & McKenna’s “self-transforming machine elves”…all the essential things, among others. In my last blog post, I highlight some of T. McKenna’s thoughts on the importance of animation and visual language to convey deeper essences, realities or truths, and have been chatting a little bit along those lines with John of Q-Niverse.

As a result of all of the above, and in further exploration of my “What is the Quintessence?” meditation, I’ve been free associating Q/Quintessence with the number 5. (Fifth element, the 5 faces of the Quintessons…)

My office is always in a state of chaos and clutter. My laptop usually sits just above my sewing machine table on a fat stack of books. I pulled it down to check email this morning and realized it was sitting on this book I bought in NYC just a few months ago. I haven’t cracked it open since standing in the bookstore and thumbing through. For fun, I grab it and open it to chapter 5 and this is what greets me:

“The Frowning Prophet and the Smiling Revolutionary: Modern Art Arrives in New York”… I’ve long been a fan of the Dadaists and Surrealists, so this particular part of Bohemian History being chapter 5 made me smile pretty brightly. As I skimmed through the content, the words “DADA” jumped out… thinking in numbers, D=4, A=1 therefore DA=5. The name “DADA” was coined to mimic nonsensical baby talk. I can’t help but think about Terence McKenna describing the “speech” of his inter dimensional “self-transforming machine elves” (elves created by the calculating, higher-patterned chaos of the Q?) as nonsensical gibberish… DADADADA…5555555 forever!

SO! Today I’m drafting patterns and sewing for a new costume I’m working on. I usually listen to music on random while working, but decided to put on The Complete Studio Albums of The Doors. As I’m hitting my groove, I’m caught off gaurd by the Lizard King crooning “Yes, The River Knows” :

“Please believe me
The river told me
Very softly
Want you to hold me, ooo

Free fall flow, river flow
On and on it goes
Breath under water ’till the end
Free fall flow, river flow
On and on it goes
Breath under water ’till the end
Yes, the river knows

Please believe me
If you don’t need me
I’m going, but I need a little time
I promised I would drown myself in mysticated wine”

 Mysticated, indeed. ❤

That felt very syncy considering my mental space these days, but what really tripped me out was that the song was immediately followed by “Five to One”! I reached for my phone to grab a photo, and saw the time was 4:21, and then I died and came back to life to bring you this here SynchroMisty moment of the day.

photo 2(1)

What in the actual fuck?

Five To One:

“Yeah, come on, Love my girl
She lookin’ good, come on, One more
Five to one, baby
One in five

No one here gets out alive, now
You get yours, baby
I’ll get mine
Gonna make it, baby

If we try
The old get old
And the young get stronger
May take a week

And it may take longer
They got the guns
But we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah

We’re takin’ over
Come on!
Your ballroom days are over, baby

Night is drawing near
Shadows of the evening crawl across the years
Ya walk across the floor with a flower in your hand
Trying to tell me no one understands

Trade in your hours for a handful dimes
Gonna’ make it, baby, in our prime
Come together one more time
Get together one more time …

Hey, come on, honey
You won’t have along wait for me, baby
I’ll be there in just a little while
You see, I gotta go out in this car with these people and… “

Can we talk about these lyrics specifically?: “They got the guns/ But we got the numbers” / “Gonna’ make it, baby, in our prime”… The Decepticons have fancy guns, Autobots have PRIME. NUMBERS. HONEY. CARS….Jim is *literally* telling some sweet honey that he has to roll out….in a car… Probably named BumbleBee. Just sayin’.

To make things more bonkers, I was doing a random FB check and happend to see that the local indi film house is playing the 5th element TONIGHT…

much too much for today

much too much for today!

Hey Maya…your matrix is showing & I like it.


Mister Grey


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