Close Encounters of the Summit Kind


Foreshadows & Reflections

I spent Thursday night in Seattle with one of my favorite humans. She was Queen of Burlesque (that’s a thing!) in her 42nd year, was the muse for my American Guru collection, and is a most inspiring Queen Bee in all other aspects of her life. As we were lounging on her living room floor discussing plans for world domination, we were abruptly interrupted by the presence of a giant black bulbous spider that b-lined for the space I was occupying. She said it was the first house invader of the season.

Before I left her embrace Friday morning to head to Olympia, she perked up excitedly and said, “I have a present for you!” What she returned with was a tiny scrap of paper with one little word surrounded by a rectangle drawn in indigo blue ink. She had ripped a corner from a notebook randomly, noticed it was page 42 and kept it to give to me.

I love present moments.

Andy and I set out on our way to Olympia, but not without stopping to get some breakfast; It was recommended that we check out Columbia City Bakery (CCB=332). Just inside the door my attention was immediately pulled onto two large paintings occupying the majority of the café’s wall space. On the left was a surrealistic red and blue horse. On the right was a large owl with piercing yellow eyes, resting on a branch before a cloudy (misty?) moon. Between them were two smaller portrayals of another horse and a waterfall/pond.

Columbia City Bakery=CCB=332

Columbia City Bakery=CCB=332


2014 is the year of the Horse (of course, of course…). Personally, 2014 has already been marked by some particularly distinct and visionary dreams (which could have been considered “night-MAREs” due to their intensity and my visceral reactions upon waking). The first thought that came to mind when I saw the blue and red horse was of the “horse-pills” that were famously offered to Neo in The Matrix. I’ve recently had a string of matrix related syncs; on my episode of 42 minutes (recorded on July 22nd) I mention both the Transformer’s Autobot Matrix of Leadership and Star Trek Voyager’s Unimatrix Zero, and later that week had posted a matrix related SynchroMisty moment of the day.


July 26th. Matrix Transform (!?)

As a small tangent, when I took a walk to my nearest park the same evening as the above post, I stumbled into a live art festival called “Digital Carnival”. I thought I was losing my mind, but in fact, it was a thing…

The “Digital Carnival” installations were all set up in empty white shipping containers (maybe art-space installation is what Optimus Prime’s trailer does when it disappears!). However- can we talk for a second about how Terence McKenna often refers to the experience of DMT-induced reality dissolution as stepping into an “animated carnival” and that he also refers to civilization itself as a type of carnival? Let’s also talk about animation for a second;

            “I encourage everybody to think about animation, and think about it in practical terms. To look at objects, and pose these things to themselves as a model/model-able problems, because out of that will come a language rich enough to support an actual form of human communication that’s been very elusive and maybe never at hand at all…

…It’s really interesting when you talk to people or listen to people, how many people who take psychedelics have cartoon-like encounters with beings. And you say: Well gee; this is weird, cartoons only go back to 1920 or 1915 or something. How weird that an out there technical phenomenon could just grab a whole section of human psychology and camp there with that kind of tenacity. And to me that indicates it has some kind of an archetypal claim on that territory, and a claim which it can only continue to tighten over time.”

On animation and the importance of visual language – From Erik Davis’s last interview with Terence McKenna (Quotes are from about 1:14:00 minutes in)

After our 42 minute chat, Doug had encouraged me to think of a question for Friday’s Radio8Ball show. Because I was perplexed by my newfound obsession with Transformers (who were created by creatures called the Quintessons), I had written down “What is the Quintessence?” on a post-it and put it on my wall for meditation. On that same “Digital Carnival”/matrix sync day, I had an epiphany about Star Trek: Next Generation that pushed me further down the “Q” rabbit hole. And then just a few days later…*THEN*… I found McKenna and his thoughts on DMT and the Quintessence… I didn’t even need to wait for the chance to ask the 8 ball, I had already figured out what it was about Transformers and Qs that had gripped me so tightly. But I will save elaboration on those thoughts for a shiny new future post.

Thoughts to think more on later.

Thoughts to think more on later.

…End tangent. *deep breath*

Back to the 332 paintings.

I made a point to listen to Mike Cleland the day before heading to Olympia but didn’t think twice about it until I saw the first owl staring back at me at the cafe. The second “hidden experience” insta-Sync came on the freeway ride down as a Mack truck passed by my passenger side window with only “E.T..somethin’er’another” printed in dark green on its white shipping trailer/container (I forget what the T word was). The third came later that same day. While walking back from the meet and greetings I passed by a man who was wearing a shirt with Spielberg’s E.T. on it (…Mister Grey phone home now?). Fourth and finally, during presentations on Saturday, my eyes drifted and caught James Evan Pilato just as he was putting down his water bottle. It happened to have a large sticker of an owl carrying records staring right back at me. I had to laugh…And I totally did. (Didn’t take pictures though. Doh! 😉 )

Please note that “Mister Grey” is an anagram of my actual birth name “Misty Greer”. AND! To drive that whole 332 painting cluster home as a personal Sync, I’ll share that my middle name is Lynn, which is Celtic in origin, and means “pond or waterfall”.

“Dudes….Art! It’s like lookin’ in a mirror sometimes.” – Narcissus


Closer Encounters

The entirety of the Olympia Sync Summit felt like one extended moment of which there were too many awesome conversations and instances to mention without giving a play by play recap. The main feeling was that it was a special & unique experience to be able to speak different “Sync languages” while sharing a greater common denominator that grounded us in a deeper understanding of one another.

That being said, here’s a short list of my favorite memories from the weekend:

1. The first thing I saw staring back at me when I sat down on a bar stool at Rhythm & Rye was the Autobot logo, and the next day on our walk of the Tree of Life, a man passed by me wearing a hat with the Decepticon logo on it, thus making my life temporarily balanced and complete.

Rhythm & Rye &.. OOoo, Scotch! & OMFG is that an Autobot!? (fridge, not reflection.)

2. William Morgan taught me how to open a beer with a lighter, so that I may never go hungry again. Practical life skills are so very important; one cannot rely solely on Sync vibes for that “drunk in love” life feeling.

3. I was referred to as “The Transformers Girl” more than once. I LOVED THAT SHIT because, nerdiness.

4. As I was walking to the meet & greet there was a belligerent man stumbling down the sidewalk toward me. He was waving two large flags wildly and shouting aimlessly to unresponsive others; “THIS PLACE IS DEAD AND GREY! WE NEED MORE COLOR!!” When our paths actually crossed, I had just walked by a rainbow colored mural that said “Welcome to Olympia” and was thinking about the vibrant life forces that had led me there. We met eyes as we passed one another and he screamed “COLOR!!!” right at my face. I smiled and nodded in agreement. Clearly he didn’t “get” the symbolic awesomeness of grey areas…I wasn’t going to try and convince him otherwise.

5. After a few beers and shared stories, the Radio8Ball after party was closing down for the night and we all spilled out onto the streets and had broken up into little pods of excited chatter. Patrick Sevc, David Plate and I were talking Transformers when an unknown woman bursts into our pod to interrupt. She was laughing in an off-hand continuous manner, looks me up and down, and without flinching she leans in to hug me. As we embrace she says; “Hiii girl! I’m one of the Gods here. Welcome! I’m Echo… ECHOOooo!!”

So I laughed with her and said “Hi Echo! I’m Narcissus!” …but she had already released me and was walking away to greet some other ghost. No one around me laughed, so I can only assume I was talking to myself.

Life is weird and awesome when you let it be. (If you’re reading, that punny’s for you Patrick & David)

#SELFIE after I said: “It’s MEGA-tron, Not METAtron!” And then David said: “Oh, you don’t know about Metatron!?” followed by a rapid fire crash course of which I only remember the words “all spark”… Also my reaction to being hugged by one of the Gods of Olympia.

#SELFIE after I said: “It’s MEGA-tron, not META-tron!” And then David said: “Oh, you don’t know about Metatron!?” followed by a rapid fire crash course of which I only remember the words “all spark”… Also my reaction to being hugged by one of the Gods of Olympia.

6. Marty Leeds crafted this amazing work of Gematria for me as a souvenir for my Oly Sync Summit Indiegogo contribution. I thank you, good sir! This is rad:

I enjoy the phrasing "human vehicle". Choice words! <3

I enjoy the phrasing “human vehicle”. Choice words! ❤

7. There was group meditation courtesy of Swami Anantananda Giri. Going into the summit, I was hoping there would be scheduled nap time to balance all the awakening time, but meditation totally did the trick. I was grateful for it.

8. Conversation was abundant and voracious and all the ones that I was privy to overhear or engage in included topics not limited to: Magic, Kabala, Crowley, movies, music, E.T., owls, spirit animals, psychedelics, visions, dreams, numerology, sex, love, hands, consciousness, awakening, empathy, beetles, Jung, The Beatles, Manson, zebras, horses, VALIS, Dick (ha!), bridges, actual spiders, astral spiders and their many webs…

On Radio8Ball day, I made contact with Violator Hellspawn (…really quite charming, actually!) and used the fact we were both wearing Manson shirts (his Charles, hers Marilyn) as an excuse to strike up conversation. On our last day together, he noticed I was wearing a tiny jeweled spider brooch and set our conversation off in the creepy-crawly invisible string direction. The large black bulbous house invader story from Thursday night crept back to mind and through my lips in that moment, but since that conversation I’ve been reflecting on my life long relationship to the arachnid kind.

Having grown up on the island of Maui near acres of sugar cane fields, I have my fair share of larger than life (very hairy) spider stories. One that I haven’t thought of in years is actually my first spider memory. I remember playing outside alone, then being paralyzed by fear as I realized there was a Theridion Grallator (also known as the Hawaiian Happy Face Spider) perched on the tender flesh of the back of my knee. I was probably around 5 years old, and I remember tears running down my little face as I tried to decide if it was better to frantically swat at it with my hands, or worse, run and risk it evaporating into my skin and living inside me forever….

I don’t remember how I survived that particular incident, but I do remember that it gave me such terrible lingering fear that for years to follow, as I was alone in darkness before sleep, my knees would tremble violently as I imagined parades of invisible spiders dancing beneath them. I’ve since learned to embrace the 8 legged creatures as a sort of kindred spirit (I think that’s actually a requisite for any self-respecting Goth). Sure; I’m sometimes a glamorous Couture Mistress, but most of the time I’m just a seamstress covered in threads who weavies people’s dreams into existence.


If life is just a collection of memories, then I’m happy to have recalled and recorded these. I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything inspiring or knowledgeable to contribute to the gathering of Sync minds, that it would be an insider’s thing, or that my experiences with Sync would be too personal to be relatable. What I found instead was a group of wondrous and beautiful humans who were happy to engage, listen, and absorb all that was in the air. In short, I learned that if you’re a BumbleBee, any sound you make contributes to the collective buzz.

I left Olympia with more crushes, notes, thoughts, inspiration and energy than I know what to do with. I love realizing that I have so much more to learn and explore and am grateful to have friends in Sync who can point the way towards places I don’t yet even know I want to go.

To all my once and future Synchrophile friends- Thank you for sharing your energy.

Until we Sync again,

Mister Grey

P.S.  If you don’t like this movie we can’t be friends anymore. That being said-  “Pik” (phonetically “pick”) is Scandinavian slang for “dick”… So here’s more Dick (of Destiny) for you dudes & dudettes! You’re welcome.


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