Photo: Mister Grey

Originally dreamed & written on 7/16/2014 while in La Salgar, Spain

This morning I dreamed I was dialoging with the Devil. He went by the name Ben. I told him I believed there was no matrix of evil because all evil was either an illusion or an evolutionary corruption of source. Source was pure and beyond good and evil.

He smiled and his eyes turned inward, blackness extending beyond the event horizon of his eyelids.

I opened my eyes, woke Andy up, and explained my argument. It was 4am. He said my thoughts seemed sound. I agreed then rolled over in a sleepy confused haze and closed my eyes again.

Ben was still waiting. He asked “Are you sure that’s what you believe?” His face faded to shadow and then the shadow faded into the black behind my eyelids.


This is the view from lunch today. As we were enjoying a glass of Cava in the waiting room, the daughter of the chef was practicing her English conspicuously in the corner with her grandmother:

“Heeelo. No, aye!….. Hhullo!”

She looks in my direction. I smile, she turns back to her grandmother and blushes, and then she starts again:

“Y….como se dice…hmm. Um…I love you!”

…And that’s all you really need.


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