Magick Queendom

Magick Queendom logo by Mister Grey

Magick Queendom logo by Mister Grey

This was my first collection & show since 2012’s American Guru. (Warning: Video contains vivacious women and their boobs in varying states of undress.) Magick Queendom happened under the blood moon in Vancouver on April 15th, 2014.

I rarely do fashion shows and even rarer are the times when I produce an entirely new conceptual collection. Some ideas beg to be brought to life and this one did so in a dream. While traveling, I had noticed some street art in Oslo that depicted a blonde girl with short punky hair smoking a cigarette and staring off into space. The only word next to the image was “Alice”. Shortly afterward I dreamt that I was producing a Disney themed show.

Then, after reflecting on some of the most iconic Disney characters as possible tarot card archetypes, I found that it was surprisingly easy to pair them up with cards of the major arcana (some were a more obvious fit than others). At that point the idea for Magick Queendom was inescapeable. It had to be made.

What would happen if our princesses evolve and find that they are the queens they always feared & secretly desired to be? What happens when our dark queens enlighten? Magick Queendom flips perspective & asks the question; Can we live happily ever after in a world beyond good & evil?


The following text was written & shared on my personal FB account on April 18th, 2014, and remains my “thank you” to the universe for bringing me to this (and every) moment.


Life is fucking surreal.

It is two days after I unveiled Magick Queendom to our world. I’m sitting beach side on Maui, the air lightly kissed with the scent of plumeria and lavender (from my lavender & gin lemonade), and the ocean breeze is licking my skin.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Yesterday, as we flew in to the island on which I grew up, we were descending into the largest fluffy clouds I had ever seen. It was sunset and the sky was all the colors of fire if fire was designed by an expressionist Care Bear. I was feeling all the slippery rawness that snakes must feel once they’ve shed their skin and I was having all the feels.

My first thought was that I wished I was a Care Bear. I could hang out in those clouds forever. Imagine the naps one could have?! I’ve never tried heroin but I hope that’s what it feels like; Care bear naps in amber colored clouds.

Secondly, It’s not the first time (or even the second or third) that I’ve been back to Maui since I ran away from this once and former home to LA all those lifetimes ago. Yet I couldn’t shake the thoughts that flooded back to me.

My heart projected me back to the first time I tried to leave. I watched, disassociated, as images of a little girl I used to know played across the screen of my mind. It was like what Gandalf the Grey must have felt when he re-embodied as Gandalf the White; vague memories of someone that used to be you. People calling a name that sounds familiar somehow…

Picture it: A proto-Misty, barely fourteen (in knee high Doc Martin boots, black vintage slip), silently creeps out her bedroom window. It was the middle of a balmy hot Hawaiian day. Fueled by adrenaline, she has nothing but fear and naive hope in her eyes. Her pockets were empty and she carried only one small leopard print purse. In it was stuffed a journal she inscribed religiously as well as her stuffed piggy named “Georgie” (after Alex’s droog who turns “pig” in A Clockwork Orange). Georgie the pig was marsupial and in his belly he carried her drugs of choice and crumpled bits of scrap paper that she’d scribble future thoughts on. He never left her side.

As she skipped along the dirt back roads that lined Kihei, her heart felt heavy. She didn’t want to leave her lava rock cage but she was crippled and blind from heart ache. She was tired of surviving. But more than that, as if some bright white patronus was whispering secrets to her from across the abyss, she had a feeling she was supposed to leave. Something deep inside was calling her away.

She sang some lyrics out loud that she thought she understood, to drown out the feels that quivered from her heart to her lip; “The me that you know doesn’t come around much. That part of me isn’t real any more…”

At that moment a boy from school appeared and was traveling in the opposite direction on the same path. When he got near enough he asked her, “Where are you going?”

She looked up from the dusty path she was treading and without second thought, she said:

“I’m running away to be famous.”

Magick Queendom was truly amazing. It wasn’t my first show, and it certainly won’t be the last, but it was the first time I felt satisfied and truly proud. I worked really hard and gave myself enough time to enjoy the process. Enjoying the process- it makes a fucking difference. True story. Who knew?!

The juxtaposition of a successful fashion show, surrounded by friends and found family, with my return to this island I once thought I would never escape is some kind of surreal, full circle, universal poetry. If I didn’t already believe in life as allegory I’d be fully overwhelmed by the absurdity of it all.

At this moment I can’t help feeling like that bright white guiding light I once felt beckoning me away was made up of each person who’s heart I’ve ever made twinkle since then, and who was with me in person and in spirit under that blood moon in Vancouver a few nights ago.

From the depths of my heart, to all of you, I thank you for being a part of my happily ever after.

Let’s make more future together.
Do it all again in a few years?

All my love and eternal gratitude,


Aka Couture Mistress
Aka Magickal Rat Queen (…eat your heart out Mickey)



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